Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Random Acts of Herping" or "I forgot to post these at some point"

So I'm bored and decided to write another entry, because I have some unaccounted-for pictures and stories. One I've literally put off/forgot about for a few years.

Me totally striking out on the Wissahickon with Princess

Princess and I walked around the lakes a few times this year so far for exercise and came across some easy finds. This month there were a plethora of painted turtles, some we couldn't even get a picture of.

It always makes me happy to see these guys, as common of a sight as they can be. At least these walks aren't a total bust.

Just hanging around

But then... 

Random bullfrogs!
 And now, for no reason at all...

This fella scared the bejesus out of Princess while we walked back to the car from dinner in Northern Liberties, but allowed me to get pretty close even after this picture was taken. I guess he really didn't want to part with his leftover Chinese food.

Here's a picture, stolen from Facebook, of my old neighbor with a mammoth snapper she saved from being roadkill in upstate New York! He seems extremely relieved and grateful, and not at all attempting to take a finger off.

Herping Hero!
Here's one I think is really cool, another unlikely urban herp: a few summers ago, my friend texted me and asked me to ID this critter, who was captured outside a bar near the Phillies stadiums. I honestly couldn't believe it and was SUPER jealous I didn't make this find on my own. Nevertheless, it was a grey tree frog, right in South Philly. I was excited at the prospect of such a find. This little guy looked healthy and was returned to where he was found. Hopefully that's a good indication that there is a population down around there/FDR Park, which would be magnificent.

"Surprise, bitch!"

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